The Night That Changed Everything

Stephanie's parents use Blumenes CBD topical cream to reduce chronic pain | Blumenes CBD BlogIn 2016, after many years of marriage, my parents finally took the vacation they’ve always dreamed about… driving across the country in their brand-new RV.

They were having the time of their lives, finally enjoying long-earned quality time together after decades of hard work and raising a family.

It was already dark that evening, when a semi-truck suddenly came out of nowhere and swiped them off the desert highway.

The RV flipped hard on its side and violently tumbled down the hillside until it finally crash-landed in a ditch.

After bleeding unconsciously for hours, someone finally saw the RV and called 911.

With blessings from family, friends, great doctors and eight surgeries later… they survived.

Yes, it was a miracle.

Rediscovering My Purpose

But before I talk about the night that changed everything for me, let me share my story before the accident...

Being a dedicated mom to four lovable boys was my full-time job; my most important job.

But as my boys all grew up, there came a day when I suddenly remembered the lost feeling and urgent need to rediscover my purpose for helping others… besides my kids.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had this passion for healing. My dolls and stuffed animals were constantly sick, but of course, Doctor Stephanie always healed them.

Always 😉

As I grew into a woman, I discovered that my healer’s passion came from knowing that the chaos of everyday life did not have to be a permanent place, and clearly—as a mother of four boys—I was seeking to change chaos into balance.

Long story short, when my boys were finally grown, I got to choose the next chapter in my own life…

… and then the accident happened.

They say that every detour in life actually takes us closer to our purpose. They say that we should identify change as a gift.

And I listened.

When my parents were released from the hospital, needless to say, the next few years were a difficult time in our family.

It became my sole mission to find anything that could help. Always having been active and full of energy, we all witnessed how the injuries were slowly robing him of his former lifestyle.

“That’s it!”

... I remember shouting to myself in the car after I had visited them.

Finding a solution was now my main mission. I didn’t want him to take any more prescription drugs, as they were already showing significant health impacts.

He needed something strong and effective, yet natural and without addictive side effects.

I quickly learned that CBD & Hemp had the potential to be just that.

I tried them all… almost every natural/organic CBD cream on the market. Some of them worked a little… but most of them didn’t because of low concentration or weak cannabis oil spectrum extraction (CBD isolate).

Finally, I promised my dad that I myself would develop a full-spectrum organic CBD cream that would help him out.

After 18 months of trial, error, blood, sweat and tears, my dad now has the Blumenes CBD Cream formula I developed with an awesome team of chemists and business power women.

Believe me, there were many times when I wanted to give up, but seeing my poor dad painfully go through simple everyday activities kept me going.

I’m truly proud to say that I’ve been resilient in finding a solution for my dad so he can lead an active lifestyle once again… especially with his 11 grandchildren.

When I shared the first batch of Blumenes CBD & Hemp creams with my friends, they also gave me such incredible feedback that I knew we were on to something.

We realized that we could help a whole lot more people on their journey to healing!

Healing and growing one day at a time is what we’re all about here at Blumenes. We believe that with a strong community, and small but consistent steps toward our common goals, we have the power to help and heal each other… no matter which part of the world you’re from.

We all are the source of creativity, knowledge and energy. Healing others may be the gift for my next chapter in life, but don’t forget… whatever your gift may be, share it with others.

If you’ve read this far, I want to sincerely thank you for your time to learn my story. I’m grateful for you and whatever your gift to the world may be.

Blessings & Healing,

The Blumenes Team

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