The Blumenes Co Founders were chosen by Redbirds to be in the top 100 influential female Entrepreneurs


We are inspired by the desire and need to help others from using narcotics. The main challenges we have faced is in educating people in understanding the value of CBD and its natural benefits. Besides educating the public about the benefits we also encountered obstacles in payment processing and platform acceptance of Hemp & CBD products because it is still new to the public. In researching and developing our product, we found there were limited companies that were actually transparent with their ingredients as the standards have yet to be established.  We decided to use the standards of Clean & Natural as our guide to developing and promoting  our products.  Through our journey of our  CBD business discovered that it is mainly a male driven industry and we didn't allow the male dominance to interfere with our desired product development.  It has actually been a fun process as we have combined  our serious business side along with our sense of humor to open doors.


The three of us  began this venture over 2 years ago as we were going through our own personal family challenges. We turned our ideas and dreams into reality just by going on hikes with each other and brainstorming.  Our words manifested into ideas and then reality.   It was these challenges that led us down the rabbit hole of learning and understanding the CBD world as well as product development . Sometimes  hardships and challenges connects you with people in unexpected ways.  As we began the  conversation around making a quality CBD product that would heal & nourish  our muscles and joints in a  holistically  and effectively, we sought our professionals in the industry.  Their guidance fired us up and propelled us to achieve our dreams.   As a company we thrive working in a team atmosphere.  Having our 3 dynamic & unique personalities has created a team environment that is not traditional but efficient. Turning our dream into a reality just had to become real for us.  We have been on an unstoppable mission.  

There's an old African proverb that says “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together


Our business model is tri-fold. We sell on Amazon, Our Web page & in a multitude of retail stores such as Pro Golf Shops, Country Clubs, Retail Stores, Doctors Offices, Hair Salons, High End Grocers & Dispensaries.There were  so many variables to combat. Business basics, Marketing, business growth , a healthy mindset , personal development, money, finance, systems and productivity. We spent a great deal of time setting our foundation of our business to align with our values.  This has been our guide in decision making and trust in the process. Most business owners are usually looking for more money, our primary goal has been to develop relationships.  Our relationships are especially fundamental to our business because this industry is relationship driven and driven by trust.  Our revenue has grown in directions we didn't even expect.  In the beginning of Covid we had a senior buyer approach Blumenes to create a similar Blumenes CBD product with their company name.  It took us 1 month with our chemist to come up with a great product That has been sold throughout the United States. The lesson here for everybody listening is to new ready and willing to do what it takes when opportunity comes knocking.  

It is rare to see a CBD company run by women. Part of the Blumenes sales strategy moving forward is to reverse engineer the traditional gender dynamics of the industry by inspiring women to get on board and help each other out.   Our long term goal is to establish a one stop shop for CBD self care and self transformation as we align our model and beliefs in “ BE KIND TO YOURSELF”. Trademarked!  We believe so much in the “Be KIND TO YOURSELF” metaphor that we took the unitive to trademark this slogan.

What truly makes Blumenes stand out is that we developed a luxurious Natural & Clean Wellness Cream and because this product proved to be effective we are now Brand developers making Anti-Aging CBD Skin products and we believe we are on the forefront of the CBD Anti-Aging Industry.  We are felling so grateful and blessed to be in this epic position as we feel that CBD is transforming the path to wellness

One off the biggest lessons we have learned, that sometimes its not only about business but that it is in raising our energy by maybe singing a song, making a funny video, or maybe its something that pushes us out of our comfort zone, and sometimes it can just be our inner weirdo that gets us laughing!  We are lucky because as partners we believe in giving back and paying it forward.  We are involved a several. All in all, at the end of the day, feeling the gratitude is our compass that seems to be guiding us.  

At the end of the day, be authentic, be little bit crazy and ALWAYS KIND!

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