Wholesale CBD Cream Suppliers: Our Future

From initial concept to developing our first product, being picked up by a national retailer then continuing to generate buzz and grow as a business, it has been a fun ride for the Blumenes team. And more recently we started to get an influx of interest from retailers looking to purchase wholesale CBD products like our flagship 1,000 mg muscle and joint cream, which sparked an idea for the future. 

As we continue on the journey to create new, innovative products we also want to be ambassadors of CBD and all of the benefits it provides -- more people need to know and also have access to it. To do our part, in 2021 we will be launching two key initiatives. 

First off, we are excited to expand our wholesale efforts to give more and more retailers access to natural CBD creams, lotions, serums and other products. Given our strict manufacturing standards and lab testing, we have the ability to deliver consistent, high-quality CBD products that we know customers demand and retailers are putting their name behind. 

Secondly, given our manufacturing capabilities we are looking to work with fun, interesting brands to provide white-label CBD products that take the hassle out of the equation. Essentially, rely on all of the leg work we’ve done so you can launch new products quickly! 

We are looking forward to the new year and if you are interested in exploring either wholesale pricing for CBD cream or white-labeling please feel free to reach out to us.

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  • Derek Webster

    I just wanted to say, I’ve used your muscle relief and joint cream and it’s awesome. I’ve been trying to get in a lot of long distance running and my ankles have taken a pounding. After limping around for a day I tried 1000 mg cream and relief was actually pretty fast acting. The cream itself is light and not greasy. So, thank U!! I think my left hip and both knees are next!!

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