Easing Built Up Neck & Back Tension

Neck tension, sore shoulders, lower back pain, and headaches can be symptoms of unavoidable mornings hunched over your computer, long commutes, or late, restless nights. While this lifestyle may be unavoidable, the aches and pains that come from it can be soothed.

Combining natural wellness tools with easy mobility exercises can alleviate the weight your everyday stressors have on your body and mind.


Relief Creams


There are many pain relief creams on the market, but some are made with chemical formulas that have lasting side-effects. While they may soothe your sore muscles in the moment, harsh ingredients could have lasting harmful effects in the long-term. Choosing a natural-based topical can offer a relief that is free from parabens, sulfates, GMOs, dyes, and long-term side-effects. Beyond that, natural ingredients are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that work to nourish your skin deep beneath the surface.

Finding a natural-based alternative that truly works can be tricky, but with countless glowing reviews, Blumenes relief creams have been proven by customers to provide reliable, soothing relief.

Sharon, who has been a returning customer of Blumenes’ Full-Spectrum Muscle and Joint Relief Cream since 2021, wrote, “It started when I had sciatica nerve pain in my back and my leg was numb. The cream helped me a lot; I take it anywhere. It's always in my purse. It’s great for back pain, knee pain, neck pain and muscle pain, really any stiffness in your body. It’s a miracle cream and a life saver.”


Blumenes Product Line - Hemp & CBD Creams



Maximum Strength, Ultra-Hydrating Muscle and Joint Relief Creams

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