Memorial Day Weekend Skincare Essentials: For the Active, the Recovering, the Lovers & the Fighters.

As we approach Memorial Day weekend, a time to honor our veterans and remember those who have served, it's important to prepare for the festivities while also taking care of ourselves, especially our skin. Whether you're planning to attend ceremonies, spend time with loved ones, or simply relax outdoors, a proper skincare routine can keep you looking and feeling your best. Here are the must-have Memorial Day Weekend skincare essentials that will keep your complexion radiant, and your skin, muscles, and joints protected all weekend long.

1. Sunscreen: Protect Your Skin

Sunscreen is non-negotiable, especially during Memorial Day Weekend when outdoor activities are at their peak. Look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to shield your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. We recommend any of the SPF skincare products by SuperGoop … Opt for the Daily Skin Tint for an added glow! Don't forget to reapply every two hours, especially after swimming or excessive sweating. 

2. Add an Ultra-Hydrating Hemp-Infused Relief Cream to your daily routine

Swap your standard moisturizer for a hemp-infused natural relief cream, to soothe sore muscles, nagging joint pain, inflammation, and leave your skin feeling nourished like never before. The Ultra-Hydrating Organic Hemp Relief Cream by Blumenes is packed with healing plant-based ingredients like arnica, turmeric, witch hazel, coconut oil, manuka oil, (and more!) that can even work to support the healing of scars.


Blumenes Ultra-Hydrating Hemp Relief Cream Moisturizer


3. Lip Balm with SPF: Keep Your Lips Protected too!

Don't overlook your lips when it comes to sun protection. Choose a lip balm that contains SPF to shield your lips from UV rays. Dry, cracked lips are not only uncomfortable but also vulnerable to sun damage. Look for hydrating formulas with SPF to keep your lips soft and healthy. Paula’s Choice has an Award-Winning “Lipscreen” that goes all the way up to SPF 50!

4. Cooling Face Mist: Refresh Throughout the Day

A cooling face mist is a lifesaver on hot days. Keep one in your bag for instant refreshment whenever you need it. Look for mists infused with soothing ingredients like rosewater or cucumber to hydrate and revitalize your skin while providing a cooling sensation. Check out these DIY cooling face mist recipes by Tree Hugger!


Refreshing Facial Mist for Memorial Day Outdoor Activities


Challenging yourself to The Murph Challenge this Memorial Day weekend?

For those of you who aren’t familiar … The Murph Challenge is a popular fitness challenge and workout named in honor of Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, a United States Navy SEAL who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2005. The challenge has become an annual tradition held on Memorial Day to honor Lt. Murphy and all members of the armed forces who have sacrificed their lives for their country.


Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, Memorial Day Murph Challenge 2024


The challenge consists of completing the following:

  1. 1-mile Run
  2. 100 Pull-ups
  3. 200 Push-ups
  4. 300 Air Squats
  5. 1-mile Run

The Murph Challenge is not only a physical test but also a tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of those who serve in the military.

After such an extensive workout, it is essential that you take extra care of your mind and body, prioritize your recovery and properly tend to your muscles and joints. That leads us to our fifth and final skincare tip of the weekend…

5. Stock up on your favorite Full-Spectrum Muscle and Joint Relief Cream

Whether you are extra active this Memorial Day Weekend, or looking for relief and relaxation from everyday stressors, the Full-Spectrum Muscle and Joint Relief Cream by Blumenes can soothe sore, tired, or overworked muscles like no other. It is also effective in relieving inflammation due to arthritis!

Remember, Memorial Day weekend is a time to reflect, honor, and celebrate. By incorporating these skincare essentials into your routine, you can enjoy the weekend activities while keeping your skin protected and healthy. Thank you to all our veterans for your service and sacrifice. Here's to a safe and memorable Memorial Day weekend!

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